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This map making system displays layers of geographic information to produce comprehensive maps with an air-photo base with overlays including: land parcels, infrastructure, zoning, elevation, air-photos, land survey and other documents.

Spatial information is presented seamlessly in addition to pop-up tables, legends, related descriptive documents, where applicable. The mapping system utilizes external information to enhance its information capacity by taking advantage of on-line databases to dramatically enhance the information content.

The Cartomation Mapping System helps you by providing your city with the ability to find and print any parcel of land on a map. This mapping system is intended to supply you with new maps and consistently updated and accurate information that people are increasingly demanding.

Maps and information that would otherwise be un-available are finally at your finger-tips. Everyone’s knowledge of the otherwise complex geography of the modern landscape is enhanced. Map overlays display visual information about every lot. Because it is so easy to use, you forget about technology.